Whiplash entry

Back of Little Sewing AngelLittle Sewing Angel
whipupoops, sorta goofed on the Whiplash link (the one to this page). I'll know better next time! But at least I finally entered! I made a little sewing angel over the weekend, as my Whiplash entry. I found the pattern at Wild Art Dolls, and revised the pattern to suit myself. About all I really used was the shape of the body. She's my little sewing angel, to protect against pin pricks, cutting myself with the rotary blade, making errors, and definitely to keep me from taking stitches out and resewing a seam. Her arms and legs are loosely braided specialty yarns. Her arms are decorated with stars to help her fly, and her legs are embellished with seashells, stars, a flamingo (because I'm in my Fabulous Fifties), a horse because I used to spend my days on horseback, a dragonfly to protect me from the mosquitos in Fairbanks (AK, where I live), and musical notes so that I remember to listen to life's music. Beads, sequins and more stars round out her embellished legs. For her wings, I used two butterflys from a piece of Laurel Burch fabric, using felt as padding, and blanket stitched the edges by hand to prevent ravelling. She is in a perpetual state of astonishment – O my! She took 3 or 4 hours to make, and is stitched entirely by hand.

I have another one all cut out-thought I'd get her finished today, but the Sunday paper and warm summer afternoon turned me into a puddle of laziness. She won't be quite as time-consuming as my first angel; the wings will be a lot simpler, and attached before I sew the body together. Her dress will have some flowers on it-I think she'll be a garden angel. Anyway, it was a fun little weekend project!


3 responses to “Whiplash entry

  1. aw, i LOVE her! I make dolls too, and I make them for verrry specific purposes, like yours. I made a doll from that same pattern, but I uses a teeny mirror for her face!

  2. She is perfect! Wonderful wonderful job!

  3. This one was cute! Since I also spend a lot of time by the sewingmachine and with needles near by, I should make me one for protection, too!

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