Whiplash entry, week 6

fantasy baseball cap back of May 21 hat
May 21 ball cap liningfront of capBusy weekend for me- I made the hat that is this week’s entry for Whiplash, and a screen door and a photo booth. The Whiplash theme-of-the-week is color, and I went for hot pink, toned down with a multicolored… I’m not sure what to call it! So I asked some of my quilt guild members, and we came up with “holographic whiskered lamé”. I’ve been wanting to make a hat with it for awhile, so it was tailor-made for this week’s Whiplash. The lining is a soft cotton fabric, and the hot pink fabric is recycled from a pillow cover someone gave me a while back. To break up the hot pink, I appliqued some faces from a piece of rayon fabric, using some of the decorative stitches on my sewing machine. The “dangles” are pre-sewn acrylic bead fringe. Whiplash

photobooth.jpgI’m really pleased with the photo booth; you can see the difference in my photographs already. The back of the hat was photographed inside, without the booth, and the other two pictures of the hat were taken outside in the photo booth. I saw the idea at Make; that one was made out of a cardboard box. Much cheaper and easier to make than mine, as well as much smaller. Mine is ‘way too big, but I wanted it that large so I could photograph (or re-photograph, really) my largest quilts (I only do wallhangings, not bed quilts). It does fold down, but is still 4 feet square. I used 1″x2″x6′ lumber and some garment lining fabric given to me years ago. Finally found a use for it! The fabric is stapled to the 1×2’s; the triangles on top and bottom are set on top of the squares and held in place with bolts dropped into pre-drilled holes. The two squares are hinged with two zip ties. It folds down into a 4 foot square, about 6″ thick. I wish I’d made the squares 3’x3′ rather than 4’x4’, but live and learn!

screen doorscreen door handleThe screen door came out well; not quite as good as I’d hoped, but it keeps the bugs out, and that’s all that counts! The outside handle is made from a small branch; I forgot to get door handles and didn’t want to wait till I got to the hardware store. I did get a commercial handle for the inside of the door, but the bolt supplied with it didn’t fit, so I have to get a new one. The mosquito netting is edged with bright yellow duct tape (to keep it from ripping, I hope), then stapled to the wood via a staple gun.


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