Wardrobe Refashion ideas

I was at Memories and More, a scrapbook and yarn store here in Fairbanks, with two knittin’ fools this weekend, when one of them showed me Rowan Knitting and Crochet Magazine. Rowan, for those of us who are non-knit/crochet types, is an absolutely gorgeous pattern magazine that is fantastically expensive ($27 U.S. and change), with equally fantastic ideas. I have steadfastly refused to learn to knit or crochet, as I already have far more plans for sewing and embroidery projects than I will ever be able to finish, even if I live well past my dad’s target age of 100 years old. Rowan darned near made me change my mind though!

I was especially attracted to the Tribal collection: “Dramatic and colourful – a collection to make a bold statement.” The hats/headgear of course, although I can’t imagine wearing several hats at once! The way garments were paired up, in several layers; the textures and colors. I didn’t realize knitting could be so textural! Or that one could knit a piece in such a variety of ways.

Anyway, I hope you have a chance to check Rowan out, and garner some ideas of your own!


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