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Crazy quilt baseball caps

Somebody posted a comment asking how I make the caps, and I accidentally deleted it (somehow it got into my spam box; I thought I clicked approved, but it’s gone!). Anyway, I use a commercial pattern to make the cap, doing the CQ before putting the cap together. I’ve also taken caps apart and made a pattern from them. I line them with some kind of fun, coordinating fabric, so they’re usually reversible. I did a hat tutorial a long time ago, so will dig that out and reload it.

Update: The hat tutorial is added! See links to left, under “Crazy Quilting”.


Crazy quilt seam treatments

Crazy quilters are always looking for new ways to combine embroidery stitches to cover and embellish seams. I must be an exception to that, or just plain lazy, as I tend to use the same stitches and combination of stitches, over and over again. To jump out of that rut, I thought I’d track some of my embroidery embellishment, by taking pictures and showing you what I’m doing. Maybe I’ll get inspired to be more inspiring!

Sharon Boggon’s (inaminuteago) is taking this idea (and she posted first; darn it all! she is a Busy and Energetic woman!) to a new level with her “100 details in 100 days“. She has a number of people following along, and has a Flickr group with photos too. She has an awesome stitch dictionary too.

wedding card
This is the card I made for a friend’s wedding a few days ago. The lines are feather stitch with a single chain or a french knot inside. The flowers dotted around the line are single chain (also known as lazy daisy or detached chain), french knots, backstitch, split stitch, and stem stitch. The butterflies are 4 single chain stitches at right angles to each other and a single straight stitch for the body. The antennae are french knots with a tail… I’ll try to get a photo and illustrate this, but essentially what you do is: come up through the fabric with your needle, wind the thread around your needle for a french knot, and INSTEAD of going down close to where your needle came up, you go down a millimeter or two away (or as far away as you want the tail to be) from where the needle came out of the fabric. Really, it’s easy! It just sounds complicated.

Update: Phew! I found a tutorial for “french knot with a tail” I was trying to describe. Classic Stitches Magazine Online calls it a pistil stitch or longtailed french knot.

A book I use for inspiration (and I should use it more often) is Carole Samples’ Treasury of Crazy Quilt Stitches. She seems like a wonderful woman, although I’ve never met her. I certainly appreciate all the work she put into her book! It is a “must-have” for anyone that is even semi-serious about crazy quilting. Sharon B. has some more info on Ms. Samples.

Library Thing

Library Thing is a social book list. It’s a catalog of your books, or what you’re reading, or what you want to read in the future. It’s a way to connect with other people with similar interests. I thought it’d be cool to enter my favorite crazy quilting books, as not all of them seem to be on the list-yet, anyhow! Here’s my book list.

Bitchin’ Mittens!

P.T. Barnum, I think, is the one who said a sucker is born every minute, and I am a sucker for fiber art challenges. Bitchin’ Mittens is a new challenge. Just what I need, another project! 🙂 But I always need another pair of mittens; always seem to lose a pair every winter.

the main plan:
Basically, it’s to create a pair of mittens as ART. They do NOT have to be wearable. They don’t have to be knitted; but, they must contain the following:
1- They must be a pair (They don’t have to match, but at least compliment or be recognizable as belonging together)
2- The must contain cuffs, main hand portion, and thumbs
2a- OK, thumbs are not needed if they are for babies (Added 6/12/06)
3- They must contain at least 50% fiber

Signup-none, really, but the mittens should be completed by Sept. 1, and you probably want to add your name to the list (click on the “main plan” above).


Lots of prizes and there are a TON of categories, so you can surely make at least one pair of mittens to fit one of them. AND remember, they don’t have to be wearable! so paper mittens would qualify. or cardboard. or wire. or ???

My mittens will, of course, feature some sort of crazy quilting. Polar fleece lining, a corduroy exterior, and made from a Cooperative Extension pattern. I’ve made a bunch in the past, and they’re pretty easy. The pattern (actually it’s a bunch of patterns) is $3.00, and isn’t on the CE website. I think I need a new one, so guess I’d better hotfoot it down to the office and buy one! They’ll probably be similar, at least in some aspects, to this pair:

old mittens
I wore these mittens all winter; no elastic cuff, which I really like. They fit under your jacket better. My sleeves come down far enough that there’s no gap.


I added a new category, picture links, for sites that have an image for their links. WordPress won’t let me use the category for bookmarks until I do a post in that category, so here’s the post!

Picture frame

top left frame picture frame

It's finished! I made a crazy quilted picture frame and the CQ is done! I will take it to the framer's this week. The idea is that, starting from the left, one's life is dark and chaotic, but there is hope of change. As you move around the frame, your life improves and becomes happier and more colorful, and you start blooming. On the left side, going to the top, your life has totally improved and you blossom to your full potential.

Weekend projects

I had two projects for the weekend; needless to say, I did not get into the woods and use my new knowledge and the chainsaw!

tie dyed socks

I did tie dye socks though! I am going to a bazaar on July 4th, where I will try to sell these wild things! I didn't use the rubber bands; just squirted dye to my heart's content. I don't care if I sell a single one; they'll be too much fun to wear!

Pam's card

My other project was to make a wedding card. A very sweet lady got married and I couldn't resist making an embroidered card for her.