Whiplash introduction

I’m Edie, from Fairbanks, Alaska. I consider myself primarily a crazy quilter, and for my favorite project, I chose one of my crazy quilt caps. The cap below is the first one I did, and exhibits a wide range of embellishments and stitches. They are so much fun to wear; people either look at you like you belong in the loony bin, or they come up to you and say how much they like your hat. I started teaching several years ago, and absolutely love it. Teaching is so stimulating and creative, and it’s an incredible ego boost as well! No one ever says that about teaching, but it’s true. I come out of a class so invigorated and inspired, and can’t wait to teach the next one!

But back to crazy quilting, or CQ, as many of us call it online. I have a tutorial on my site (link to the left), that is a brief introduction to crazy quilting. I really need to add pictures to it! Maybe that will be the next rainy weekend project; one can only hope!

There are three things I like about CQ:

  • It’s portable-I take my projects everywhere, and when I am sitting still, get it out and sew
  • There are no rules! You can do whatever you want! My favorite mantra: mistakes are just a design opportunity
  • Anything can be crazy quilted. I’ve cq’d the hats, a lampshade, boxes, Christmas ornaments, as well as “normal” wall quilts.

blue baseball cap blue baseball cap, view 2 blue baseball cap, view 3 blue baseball cap, closeup view


3 responses to “Whiplash introduction

  1. Oh how fun! Great creation & I love your attitude 🙂

  2. Oh wow! Glad I found you. I love CQ, and you’ve given me some ideas. Love your links too!

  3. Love the ballcap!! Do you make it from a pattern or start w/an already made cap? Great idea!

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