Crazy quilt baseball caps

Somebody posted a comment asking how I make the caps, and I accidentally deleted it (somehow it got into my spam box; I thought I clicked approved, but it’s gone!). Anyway, I use a commercial pattern to make the cap, doing the CQ before putting the cap together. I’ve also taken caps apart and made a pattern from them. I line them with some kind of fun, coordinating fabric, so they’re usually reversible. I did a hat tutorial a long time ago, so will dig that out and reload it.

Update: The hat tutorial is added! See links to left, under “Crazy Quilting”.


3 responses to “Crazy quilt baseball caps

  1. About 10 years ago my wife and I decided to buy a house but we did not have the cash for a deposit so we started a business selling hats that were patterned after a medeival jesters headware, sewn in polar fleece. They made polar fleece in my wife’s home town of Huntingdon Quebec and she would buy the end-of-the-roll stuff at a fraction of the regular price. We made about $7000 in the two months before christmas and a big hat manufacturer finally bout about 30 off us and the following winter were producing their own. On the bright side it helped us buy our first house.

  2. Hi I was trying to find your baseball cap tutorial and finally found the page where the link was but the link doesn’t seem to work any more. Can you redirect me or put the link back up. Thank you Helen

    • sorry, I can’t repost that; the tutorial was lost when I changed internet providers. If you find a baseball cap pattern, and then crazy quilt each section and the hat brim, that’s really what the tutorial showed you.

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