Fun stuff to check out!

Well, it’s been awhile! I’ve been busy working around the yard, hiking with Gizmo, and yes, working on projects too! I haven’t taken the time to photograph stuff, so instead, here’s a few fun things I’ve found on the web over the last few weeks:

Crafting Japanese – this is a blog on Japanese craft books and magazines. I just love the patterns, and the magazines I’ve seen have wonderful illustrated instructions, so you don’t have to read Japanese.

My favorite knot – From Hello My Name is Heather, a tutorial on knotting your embroidery thread. I’ve used this one for years, and should have done this tutorial a long time ago-now I don’t have to!

The Nipple Project – It’s time to reclaim the nipple! A response to the overwhelming interest in the female breast, yet bras are advertised as providing maximum nipple coverage. I notice that they don’t a crazy quilt nipple…

Sublime Stitching – Hip embroidery projects for the new embroiderer. Some fun patterns even for “old hands”; or is that “old needles”?? Also has some instructions.

Dream-a-Seam Templates – From Sharon Boggan’s Inaminuteago, here is some information on Carole Samples templates. These are designed and produced by Carole Samples, author of The Treasury of Crazyquilt Stitches (via abeautifulcraft). The templates help you make nice even stitches.

InspireMeThursday – “A weekly dose of inspiration to be creative, try new techniques and explore new mediums.” I would love to interpret this challenge in a crazy quilt project!

Tiger Tape Tutorial – From Marty52, of Textiles in Time, another method for making nice even stitches.

Sewing Patterns . Com – Literally thousands of clothing patterns, from small companies as well as the big needles!

Hideko Ishida’s photos – Inspiring crazy quilting from a Japanese woman.

Wind from the East – Hideko’s blog, in Japanese and English.


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