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Whipup has an entry about craft blogging, and I thought I would add my comment to my blog, as it says a little bit about my goals and some other thoughts on blogging. Besides, it didn’t post on Whipup (or at least it hasn’t yet), and it’s just babbling anyway. But I did want to remember a couple things I said, and add them to permanent parts of this blog. Whew! okay already, the comment:

I didn’t realize we were “supposed” to answer comments either. I have been, because mostly people have questions or comments that I want to respond to.
My blog seems to change it’s purpose on about a weekly basis!<lol> I started out with the idea of cataloging the local arts scene, but that was too intensive time-wise, so my blog has turned into an online journal, with the goal of tracking my projects, joys, and successes (craft and life related, but mostly crafts). I do talk a little about my life, but since i don’t enjoy reading entry after entry about the kids, the garden, taking Timmy for his first day of kindergarten, I do limit that. Which is not to say that kind of thing should be kept out of a blog! I would just rather have more crafty stuff than personal stuff.
I use WordPress, which I really like. I like the way it looks (plus you can change it to look your way), the comment process (I moderate my comments so i don’t get spam crap in there), and it’s easy to add photos and links, using the icons or via html.
I don’t really care if people leave comments; personally, I look through a ton of blogs in one session, and if I left comments in all of them, it would take me forever; plus I’d get keyboard cramp! And i wouldn’t get to look around as much, which is why I’m there.
I do feel strongly that if you see an idea, and you post about it in your blog or use the idea to springboard a project of your own, you should give credit to the blog &/or person you got the idea from, and link back to that entry.
Based on the comments here, I need to add more about myself in the “About” page. It is nice to know who you’re visiting!
More on goals: I love teaching crazy quilting, so another purpose of my blog is to educate and teach about that, as well as inspire people to try it, or any of the projects I post about. I think I’m going to try to do some swapping too; that never occurred to me! What a great idea, and a great way to connect in real life with other crafty types. And… if anyone should happen to visit Fairbanks, AK, it would be so awesome to meet. There’s a good arts community up here, but sometimes people here think my style/ideas are too “out there”, so it’d be nice to connect with others who have wacky ideas or stuff that isn’t quite the norm. I guess I have to add this to my “About” page!


2 responses to “Craft blogging

  1. love crazy quilting, will be looking forward to your inspiration on this, it was a while since I tryed last.

  2. oh good! It is so much fun, and is wonderful to take with you for entertainment while you wait. I have even gotten my crazy quilting out while stopped in traffic (I was waiting for a road repair crew)! Take a look at the Sporadic Packrat too (link to left, under “Check these out”), as there is some basic info there for getting started with crazy quilting.

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