new hat!

whipup view 1 - winter hat view 2 - winter hat

whoo hoo! a new hat that counts as four…

  1. it’s my Whiplash entry for the hat challenge, in the Design category
  2. it’s my latest Wardrobe Refashion project, as I finally retired an old jacket I made years ago (the zipper finally died and I never did like the style)
  3. it’s supposed to go with the mittens that didn’t get made for the Bitchin’ Mittens challenge (but I will make them, I need a new pair! they’re done!)
  4. and I think it counts as a “finish what you have” project, because I found the blue polar fleece lining when I cleaned off some shelves this summer (even though I didn’t get it done in June)

The pattern is from the Cooperative Extension, but (after a quick online check) it doesn’t seem to be available any more. It’s a “musher’s trapper’s hat”, designed for winter activities. I made one several years ago, and in a fit of spring cleaning and generosity, gave it to a friend who’d lost a very similar hat, and almost immediately regretted it! But she really likes the hat, so I couldn’t ask for it back :-).

The new hat only has one layer of polar fleece, as two seemed too warm, at least when I was skiing. I’m not sure it’ll be warm enough; I’m thinking a layer of flannel or a wind-resistant fabric between the polar fleece and the fashion fabric might be a good idea.

The embellishment is very simple; I used the scraps from cutting out the 6 sections (conveniently shaped in a sort of triangle) and sewed them down with a zigzag stitch. I pinned the rickrack in place, then sewed the hat sections together, making sure the ends of the rickrack were caught in the seams and covered the zigzag stitches. I attached each zag (zig? zigzag?) of the rickrack with a bead, sewn by hand. It took about 1/2 hour to attach all the beads, and I hope it adds a little spark (which of course you can’t see in the small photos! select each one to see a larger picture). The chinstrap is velcro, with the “attaching part” covered with a scrap of fabric, sewn onto the velcro with a zigzag stitch. I went over the edges several times, since they’re not turned under.

The tassel is two yarns wrapped together and tied with a piece of very narrow blue ribbon, which I also used to attach the tassel to the hat. The ribbon is tied in a square knot inside the hat, before the two layers were sewn together. I’m a little worried about sending it through the wash, so I’ll probably tie it up in some netting or maybe just take it off at wash time.

Anyway, it was easy, fun, and I fulfilled several goals at one time!


One response to “new hat!

  1. Love it! My entry was a FWYH project too – doesn’t it feel good to finish?!?! You did a great job, it looks nice & warm! I’d die with 2 layers of fleece! LOL

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