Podcasts I listen to

I keep myself entertained at work (I’ve been doing some really boring stuff for several weeks now & I need all the entertainment I can get!) by listening to several different podcasts. I thought you might like to give a listen too.

The very first craft podcast I listened to is Craft Sanity, by Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood. She conducts an in-depth interview, in an hour and a half long format, with a huge variety of artists and crafters. Her laughter is infectious, and she’s a very down-to-earth, yes-I-make-mistakes-too kind of person. A young mother, with a full-time job, two toddlers and a husband, and she knits and crafts as well. I don’t know where she finds the time to put together a podcast, maintain a website, and keep up with her family and job too! I love listening to her and learn a lot too. The website has links to the interviewee, and often there is a project from them too. Craft Sanity.

CraftyPod is a much shorter show, but just as informative and entertaining as Craft Sanity. Sister Diane, a Church of Craft organizer, interviews 3 or 4 crafter/makers in a 20-30 minute show. Jam-packed with ideas, fun, and information, Sister Diane is an island of calm in a crazy world. Again, there’s a huge variety of interviewees on her show. Her blog has links to artists/crafters and projects discussed on the show, and is a great resource. CraftyPod.

A new podcast, for me anyway, is Lime and Violet. The sexiest women alive talk about-yes, I am listening to a knitting show! But they are hilarious! I have no idea what they’re talking about half the time, but it is FUNNY! Knit crawls, socks that rock, seriously, Kilt Boy, and Yarn Porn make up a good portion of each show. I’ve listened to some of their shows more than once. Their blog has all kinds of knitting links, which mean nothing to me, but it’s a pretty funny blog, so take a look anyway. Limenviolet.


One response to “Podcasts I listen to

  1. Thanks for the reviews. I’ve been listening to crafypod and craft sanity, but I probably would have ignored a podcast about knitting. I’m going to take a listen to Lime and Violet just as soon as I finish this! They sound like fun:D

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