6×4 Lives


I just joined Sharon Boggon’s 6 x 4 Lives postcard challenge. There is a Flickr group for collecting images of the postcards. I really need to get some made and send out to friends, so I thought this might help motivate me. My first one (for the challenge) was made quite a while ago, and needed just a little finishing, which I did this summer. Still haven’t sent it, as the person I made it for, and I, have had a falling out. So I don’t quite know what to do with this one. It’s a photo of her grandson… might send it to the baby’s mother.

I’ve made a few postcards, and the response from the recipients has been wonderful! They’re so easy to make, and I’ve been experimenting with different backs, to see what’s easiest for writing on. I had thought to do this as a little side business, taking photos around Fairbanks and of tourists, and turning them into tourist postcards. That’s why I’ve been experimenting with different backs, but I finally decided that I didn’t want to spend my weekends hawking these postcards to the tourists. I do like the paper-backed postcards though, so will continue experimenting.


One response to “6×4 Lives

  1. Great to see you join the challenge – have fun with it

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