almost finished deck!

deck in the morning almost finished  the new stairs stairs, rt front view of stairs

9/29-added new photos of the stairs

I am almost finished with the deck I added to the cabin. I should have replaced it last year, but finances being what they are, I waited til I stepped through a couple of rotten boards, right outside the door. Nope, didn’t get hurt, as the deck is low enough to the ground that I didn’t fall, but ended up with one foot on the ground and one still on the deck.

Since I had to repair the deck, I thought I might as well replace the rotten stairs and extend the deck. I really thought I would fall through them first! The first job was to remove the stairs, replace the rotten wood on the deck, and make a frame for the additional deck. I did that in July. I waited to finish the deck, because the electrical cords to ex-boyfriend’s mobile home were in the way. He finally unhooked the mobile home Saturday, so my Sunday was spent attaching the deck to the cabin, putting the 2×6 flooring on the deck, and building the stairs.

It was much simpler than I thought it would be. I basically just copied the existing deck. Since the 2×8’s underneath the cabin’s floor didn’t extend out, I had to screw the deck to the cabin, and put a support under the front corner. I’m going to add one where the two decks join too, as it looks a little wonky to me. There’s also a 2×6 screwed into the cabin underneath the part of the deck that’s along the wall, for more support.

The stairs were a little more challenging. I had seen a deck stair made out of a 4×4 box with rocks, at a friend’s, and really liked it. The challenge was to make mine out of scrap lumber, and I needed two steps, not one like at my friend’s house. I also should have used 2×4’s or 2×8’s, since I wanted my steps to be 8″ high. But, I mostly had 2×6’s, so I used a piece of 2×2 and one lone 2×4 from my scrap pile too. The stairs took a whole box (100) of screws, and most of the afternoon to build, but once they were in place and filled with rocks, they rocked!

I love running up and down the stairs, the dog loves running up and down the stairs! I thought I’d keep jumping off the deck, like I have been all summer, but they are the perfect height, and width, for running up and down. I still haul water in 5 gallon jugs, so I left a gap on the right side, which is just right for throwing them onto the deck. I really like the rocks in the boxes; but there is quite a bit of dirt mixed in with the rocks. I’m going to let the rocks settle for a couple of weeks, then stuff in some large river rocks on the top. I think it’ll look nicer, and maybe I can choose rocks that will make a pattern or design.

And last but not least, I need to finish screwing the deck boards down. The edge closest to the cabin is done, but the supports in between the ends don’t have any screws at all, and the end by the stairs only has one screw per 2×6. And I put all the screws in by hand, so I do what absolutely has to be done, then take a couple of days to finish the screws.

When I get the money, and yes, I’m saving for it, I will replace the entire deck and the supports underneath. My plan is to take off the arctic entry (I want to make the garage into a new room, and put an arctic entry in the front of the cabin), and extend the deck around to the back of the cabin (probably the whole width of the cabin, 12 feet). Along the edge of the deck, I want to add stairs and flower boxes, so I can get off the deck without a) jumping, or b) going allll the wayyyy totheend, and then I won’t have to wrack up my knees getting up on the deck either. It’s an ambitious project, but it’ll look cool when it’s done!


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