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Another set of historical images

I just found a series of cigarette cards depicting the Arctic and Antarctic! They were produced by John Player & Sons in 1915, and the series is titled Polar Exploration A Series. I’m working on my Greening of the Arctic website, which is part of the International Polar Year, so these are quite interesting to me. Most of the cards shown depict the Antarctic; I guess I’ll have to scout around and see if I can find the rest of the series. There is a good explanation of the Aurora included too.

I’ve also added a couple more links to coloring pages.


One Hour Craft challenge!

One Hour Craft has announced their first challenge – Make a brooch or boutonniere. There are lots of ideas to make something simple or as complex as you like. The Kanzashi button inspired the challenge, and I am inspired as well by the Kanzashi button. I saw it awhile back on One Hour Craft, and while I haven’t had a chance to try making one, now seems like the ideal time!

More places to visit

I have just discovered blog feeds! Okay, I’d heard of “feeds”, but I had no idea what they were. What, they’re feeding cattle on the internet now?? No, not yet! A “feed” is… well, I don’t really understand “what” it is, as much as what I can do with it. I use Bloglines to group the blogs I read on an almost-daily basis. Now I go to one place to read them instead of clicking here, clicking there, then discovering there’s not a new post on that one.

Here are some blogs I’m going to add (or have already added) to my Bloglines page:

Craftzine – CRAFT and MAKE are two hugely popular blogs for DIYers. MAKE seems to be more concerned with electronics, which is interesting, but I just don’t have time. CRAFT has well, crafty stuff! Not always to my taste, but always interesting!

Anticraft – No, they’re not against crafting! Just… sort of against cute. It’s a Goth craft blog, which again, isn’t always to my taste, but it’s always interesting, and very often funny or thought-provoking. It’s actually an online magazine, with a great format, reader participation, and some very witty women that run the show.

Creativity Builders – Just what it sounds like, this is for your brain. An online pep club, if you will.

Supernaturale – Craft locally, think globally. This is the inspiration behind the book “Craftivity”. “SuperNaturale is an independent site dedicated to the Do It Yourself culture in all its glorious forms. From simple afternoon home improvement projects to radical lifestyle choices- we love them all. We celebrate ingenuity, creativity and the handmade.

One Hour Craft – Mostly tutorials, some from Maria, some from around the Web, One Hour Craft is chock full of fun ‘n easy projects. Some of them are for Mom (or Dad?) and kids, some just for (but not necessarily only a) Mom. Lots of good ideas to expand on, that don’t take a lot of time.

Design Sponge “Musings from a design junky”. I love seeing the retro splash Grace features. All about design, from home furnishings and fabrics, to toys, gifts, stationary, and so much more.

Cake + Pie – Inspite of the AntiCraft, I still adore cute. This is sophisticated cute, with lots of retro. Kathleen is a graphic designer specialing in print, expanding into letter press, and sewing. Kathleen is co-organizing the ornament exchange I wrote about last week.

freshly{blended} – Nicole dishes out a “fresh blend” of life, craft, inspiration, and especially design. Also a graphic designer, she paired up with Kathleen of Cake + Pie to do an ornament swap.

These are some great image blogs/websites:

Bibliodyssey – Illustrations from old sources. Gorgeous and fantastic images.

Collage Images – A Flickr group with copyright-free images for you to use, not abuse. Read through the posts in “Discussions” for information on how you can use these images.

Historical images – From the US Naval Observatory, “images from rare books, portraits of prominent Naval Observatory individuals, interesting artwork, globes, clocks, telescopes, and other historical objects at the U.S. Naval Observatory.”

Flower Clip Art & Illustrations – Just what is says… a collection of links, with a little info on each site.

Paul Klee Museum – I’m a Klee fan, so I really enjoy looking through this museum in Switzerland.

Flora Danica Online– Danish botanical illustrations from the 1700’s. Beautiful floral images; the site is in Danish, but well organized, and if you know the latin name, easy to search. Otherwise, do it my way, and browse through the pages.

Go visiting!

I’ve been collecting stuff-webpages and blogs-for the SP, and I guess it’s time to add them! So, in no particular order:

Urban Debris – art from recycled culture. I really enjoyed playing with the “Websites as Graphs” – it turns your tags and links into a visual flower. Lots of other fun things!

Chocolate a chuva – sweet little blog with lots of cute!

Knit a River – knit a square to help raise awareness of WaterAid and their vision: a world where everyone has access to safe water and effective sanitation. “…an innovative campaign tool to demand water and toilets for all.” Look, this is really serious, but I can’t help laughing, since I am one of the “more than 2 billion people do not have access to sanitation.” So knit a square! I want a toilet!

Coloring pages:
Coloring Castle – loads of different designs that are great for simple embroidery.
Jan Brett – one of my favorite childrens’ book authors; wonderfully complex designs that could easily be simplifed.
Coloring designs – more coloring pages suitable for embroidery. The textile patterns are a “Unique collection of textile designs/paisleys. Contains ornamental design patterns collected from india’s different regions, such as Banaras, center of fine arts and exquisitely designed fabrics, as well as Kashmir, Punjab and other parts of North and South India…”

Mazel Tov! Jewelry Treasures – I am going to make something like this bracelet. Someday!
UPDATE: Cyndi reminded me that there are other tutorials on her site; be sure to check them out too!

Catalina Estrada – I LOVE the colors she uses! A freelance illustrator and graphic designer; she also teaches.

Patterns – from every company I have ever heard of! Mostly for clothing, but I did find one company that sells embroidery patterns. Click on the links to the left, under Hot Iron Transfers.

Renee Harris – I first saw her work at Layers of Meaning, and was so inspired by it, that I’m teaching an embroidery class using felting as the ground fabric.

The Sewing Muse – For Threads Magazine junkies, here is an index. And here is a list of links to all things sewing.

Killer Slippers – I’ve got to find this book! Be sure to take a gander at Poppalina’s blog; she’s a hoot! I particularly enjoyed her take on Lady Di.

Oriental Costumes – Their Designs and Colors – Color images of Oriental clothing; the book was printed in 1922, and is made available online by the Indiana University.

And lastly: some postcard inspiration.
Postcard #1
Postcard #2
A bunch of postcards

Christmas ornament tutorial

felt Christmas ornament
I just posted a PDF ornament tutorial on my website. The felt ornaments are really easy to make (there’s a tree, the Christmas stocking -above, and a tree), and I had planned on joining the ornament swap hosted by Freshly{blended} and Cake + Pie, but oops! I missed the deadline. And they have 400 people signed up for the swap! So maybe someone who was organized enough to sign up on time can make some of these to trade. I’ll be making at least a couple of them anyway, for quilt and needlework guild ornament exchanges, and maybe for package labels too. I also thought it might be fun to put one on a card or postcard to mail out to friends.

And here’s some links to other ornaments, that I’m hoping to try out:

Felt Angel Bear Pocket – Bear has a pocket to tuck some money or a little treat into

Angels – a whole lotta Angel going on!

Mitten Ornaments, from Cabin Fever Quilters’ Guild

Santa Claus – pattern for a wooden scroll saw ornament, but I think it would be a cute felt ornament too

Cake + Pie has a pile of ornament links too (hadda laugh tho, Anthropologie’s “fuzzy moose ornament”… that’s not a moose! it’s a ram!)

Merrry Christmas everyone! And Season’s Greetings to all of you that don’t celebrate inSanity Claus!

bad blogger!

6 x 4 Lives, October
oh, I just haven’t had time to sit down to the computer at home and blog 😦 I did post my 6 x 4 lives postcard, unfinished. And I started it (& another one) in early October! but I’m trying to finish my variety bag challenge, and I made a Halloween boot. I’ve also been teaching a crazy quilt class, sitting at the arts association gallery Saturday afternoons, attended two theater performances (free tickets to both, but definitely worth paying for!), two Halloween parties (on the same day!), and the goddess knows what else I’ve been up to! Doing my usual stuff too-mostly trying to keep Gizmo worn down to a nubbin, so he’ll let me take time to sew, and working fulltime.

I even got to take a week off, which I spent doing yardwork. My leaves are raked (usually done in the spring, so it’s nice to get that done early!), I worked on removing a bunch of stumps (discovered that chopping them up with the axe works great!), cut a bunch of scruffy trees, moved some rock around, and the porch is done! I finished screwing down all the boards, the front of the deck is on cement blocks and is level, and I cleaned out the muddy rocks in the stairs and put down some large rocks on top of them to make it look a little like a stream. I shored up the corner of the cabin that was sinking, so it’s now firmly planted on two cement blocks, which are covered by some of the rock I moved. Gizmo got to go on lots of walks too, and I got a little sewing done, some napping, and read a couple of books. A busy week!

And oh yes… the car was in the shop for three days. I dropped it off on Monday, expecting to pick it up that night. Well, the phones & Internet were down, so they couldn’t get parts prices, so it wasn’t finished. Scramble for a ride to the needlework guild meeting, and a ride home. I watch my ride pulling out of the driveway, and realize my house key is still on the car key ring. At the shop! So I broke a window, that I have been wanting to replace for FIFTEEN years. What a mess-glass everywhere! But I got in. It took two more days to get the car finished! What a pain, since I live 7 miles out of town. I’ve been looking at windows, so should get the new window in soon. Better get it done, since we’ve got snow on the ground finally, and the temperature’ll be dropping any day now.

I have a bunch of links to post/comment on; some really fun things! And I’ll get pictures of my challenge project up soon. Yes, another hat! And don’t forget that Wardrobe Refashioning is having a tee shirt refashioning challenge! There’s also an ornament swap I’d like to get in on-if I can get ten ornaments done! Oh, so much fun! So little time!