bad blogger!

6 x 4 Lives, October
oh, I just haven’t had time to sit down to the computer at home and blog 😦 I did post my 6 x 4 lives postcard, unfinished. And I started it (& another one) in early October! but I’m trying to finish my variety bag challenge, and I made a Halloween boot. I’ve also been teaching a crazy quilt class, sitting at the arts association gallery Saturday afternoons, attended two theater performances (free tickets to both, but definitely worth paying for!), two Halloween parties (on the same day!), and the goddess knows what else I’ve been up to! Doing my usual stuff too-mostly trying to keep Gizmo worn down to a nubbin, so he’ll let me take time to sew, and working fulltime.

I even got to take a week off, which I spent doing yardwork. My leaves are raked (usually done in the spring, so it’s nice to get that done early!), I worked on removing a bunch of stumps (discovered that chopping them up with the axe works great!), cut a bunch of scruffy trees, moved some rock around, and the porch is done! I finished screwing down all the boards, the front of the deck is on cement blocks and is level, and I cleaned out the muddy rocks in the stairs and put down some large rocks on top of them to make it look a little like a stream. I shored up the corner of the cabin that was sinking, so it’s now firmly planted on two cement blocks, which are covered by some of the rock I moved. Gizmo got to go on lots of walks too, and I got a little sewing done, some napping, and read a couple of books. A busy week!

And oh yes… the car was in the shop for three days. I dropped it off on Monday, expecting to pick it up that night. Well, the phones & Internet were down, so they couldn’t get parts prices, so it wasn’t finished. Scramble for a ride to the needlework guild meeting, and a ride home. I watch my ride pulling out of the driveway, and realize my house key is still on the car key ring. At the shop! So I broke a window, that I have been wanting to replace for FIFTEEN years. What a mess-glass everywhere! But I got in. It took two more days to get the car finished! What a pain, since I live 7 miles out of town. I’ve been looking at windows, so should get the new window in soon. Better get it done, since we’ve got snow on the ground finally, and the temperature’ll be dropping any day now.

I have a bunch of links to post/comment on; some really fun things! And I’ll get pictures of my challenge project up soon. Yes, another hat! And don’t forget that Wardrobe Refashioning is having a tee shirt refashioning challenge! There’s also an ornament swap I’d like to get in on-if I can get ten ornaments done! Oh, so much fun! So little time!


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