Christmas ornament tutorial

felt Christmas ornament
I just posted a PDF ornament tutorial on my website. The felt ornaments are really easy to make (there’s a tree, the Christmas stocking -above, and a tree), and I had planned on joining the ornament swap hosted by Freshly{blended} and Cake + Pie, but oops! I missed the deadline. And they have 400 people signed up for the swap! So maybe someone who was organized enough to sign up on time can make some of these to trade. I’ll be making at least a couple of them anyway, for quilt and needlework guild ornament exchanges, and maybe for package labels too. I also thought it might be fun to put one on a card or postcard to mail out to friends.

And here’s some links to other ornaments, that I’m hoping to try out:

Felt Angel Bear Pocket – Bear has a pocket to tuck some money or a little treat into

Angels – a whole lotta Angel going on!

Mitten Ornaments, from Cabin Fever Quilters’ Guild

Santa Claus – pattern for a wooden scroll saw ornament, but I think it would be a cute felt ornament too

Cake + Pie has a pile of ornament links too (hadda laugh tho, Anthropologie’s “fuzzy moose ornament”… that’s not a moose! it’s a ram!)

Merrry Christmas everyone! And Season’s Greetings to all of you that don’t celebrate inSanity Claus!


2 responses to “Christmas ornament tutorial

  1. Thanks for mentioning cake + pie! I thought Anthropologie calling that ornament a moose was kind of strange too—I’ve seen moose up close and its totally a ram…ah well athropologie, I guess its whatever you want it to be:)

  2. Hi, I will surely try the links you have given. I have my own favorite link for coloring sites,

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