Go visiting!

I’ve been collecting stuff-webpages and blogs-for the SP, and I guess it’s time to add them! So, in no particular order:

Urban Debris – art from recycled culture. I really enjoyed playing with the “Websites as Graphs” – it turns your tags and links into a visual flower. Lots of other fun things!

Chocolate a chuva – sweet little blog with lots of cute!

Knit a River – knit a square to help raise awareness of WaterAid and their vision: a world where everyone has access to safe water and effective sanitation. “…an innovative campaign tool to demand water and toilets for all.” Look, this is really serious, but I can’t help laughing, since I am one of the “more than 2 billion people do not have access to sanitation.” So knit a square! I want a toilet!

Coloring pages:
Coloring Castle – loads of different designs that are great for simple embroidery.
Jan Brett – one of my favorite childrens’ book authors; wonderfully complex designs that could easily be simplifed.
Coloring designs – more coloring pages suitable for embroidery. The textile patterns are a “Unique collection of textile designs/paisleys. Contains ornamental design patterns collected from india’s different regions, such as Banaras, center of fine arts and exquisitely designed fabrics, as well as Kashmir, Punjab and other parts of North and South India…”

Mazel Tov! Jewelry Treasures – I am going to make something like this bracelet. Someday!
UPDATE: Cyndi reminded me that there are other tutorials on her site; be sure to check them out too!

Catalina Estrada – I LOVE the colors she uses! A freelance illustrator and graphic designer; she also teaches.

Patterns – from every company I have ever heard of! Mostly for clothing, but I did find one company that sells embroidery patterns. Click on the links to the left, under Hot Iron Transfers.

Renee Harris – I first saw her work at Layers of Meaning, and was so inspired by it, that I’m teaching an embroidery class using felting as the ground fabric.

The Sewing Muse – For Threads Magazine junkies, here is an index. And here is a list of links to all things sewing.

Killer Slippers – I’ve got to find this book! Be sure to take a gander at Poppalina’s blog; she’s a hoot! I particularly enjoyed her take on Lady Di.

Oriental Costumes – Their Designs and Colors – Color images of Oriental clothing; the book was printed in 1922, and is made available online by the Indiana University.

And lastly: some postcard inspiration.
Postcard #1
Postcard #2
A bunch of postcards


One response to “Go visiting!

  1. Hi there! Thanks for mentioning my bracelet tutorial…you *can* make one! There are lots of other tutorials to try listed on the blog too 🙂


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