Yesterday was finish-it-Sunday at my house! I started with a Christmas ornament that turned into a postcard (because I forgot all about 6×4 Lives!) and ended with labeling the myriad of boxes full of crazy quilting oddments. In between, I moved along with a Christmas present (and for obvious reasons I can’t elaborate on that), a vest, and a photo holder that will eventually hold one or more photos of my parents. I finished up a small cap, started for the October quilt guild meeting, that goes with the vest.

Christmas heart

This was supposed to be a Christmas ornament, but oops! I forgot my 6×4 Lives entry. I attached the heart to the background by beading the two seams all the way through the ground fabric. The border of the heart is a combination of embroidery and beads. First I edge the shape with chain stitch, then as I trim the fabric away (as close as possible to the chain stitching), I work a very tight blanket stitch. The beaded edge was added last, sewing the beads to the edge of the heart and attaching them to the ground fabric, all in one fell swoop.The postcard is already in the mail, to a friend that I have sorely neglected over the last few years.

Tiny hat

The dark gold fabric was given out at last year’s annual dinner (Cabin Fever Quilters’ Guild), and the members were challenged to bring back a finished object. I think the big challenge was to find the fabric you were given! I started this hat shortly before the dinner in October, but changed my mind and made/finished another one instead. So, now it’s lined, has a brim, and I finished off the two circles on the top with various embroidery stitches.

Box tags

This project is a no-brainer. I labeled all the boxes, and made a tag for each tin with a photo and written list of what’s in the tin. I made the labels and tags last week, and Sunday I attached labels to the appropriate boxes. The tags for the tins are hung them up where I’ll see them. Now I can take a quick glance through the tags to find something, and I can read the labels without my glasses.


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