Art and math

butterflies and prime numbers

I haven’t finished reading this post from Rhizome, but it certainly piqued my interest. Butterflies and prime numbers? Math is not my forte, but I am fascinated by butterflies. “The challenge at the Art and Science interface is allow the viewer to see…to find…to discover that the beauty of Nature unfolds on so very many levels. And that is not just including mathematics, but is especially present in mathematics. While maintaining a challenge to the viewers interest, I have tried to deconstruct the thought pattern that went into the discovery of this amazing Butterfly Prime pattern on one side and some examples of graphical interpretations on the other.” Reginald Brooks.

After I finish reading, and digesting, this discussion of Buttefly Primes, I’m sure I will have a greater appreciation and understanding of how art uses math. Or how math produces art-whatever! Fibonacci’s numbers, the Golden Ratio, fractals-there’s more math in art than I like to admit. At (scroll down; don’t get stuck on the cute little travel palette <g>), there’s a very interesting PDF, Is the Golden Ratio Really Golden? discussing what the ratio is and how to use it. I’m not going to load this post down with a bunch of links, as there’s tons of info out there for you to google. The Butterfly Primes and Is the Golden Ratio Really Golden? are two good places to start.


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