Take A Stitch Tuesday

Sharon, of inaminuteago, has started another web project, Take A Stitch Tuesday. Sucker that I am for challenges and group thingies, I signed up. I have been trying to prod myself into… not adopting a new style, but expanding my style of stitching. I like my neat little stitches, but sometimes it’d be fun to have varying sizes, irregularity, something different for heaven’s sake!

Starting January 7, 2007, Sharon will blog once/week about her experiments with a stitch, changing the size, shape, thread type, seeing what happens when she… I think it’ll be very inspirational. She’s a fantastic stitcher, extremely computer literate, has a good sense of design and the use of color. There is a largeish group signed up, so there should be plenty of inspiration. And it’s a very “loose” challenge; participate if you can, but if life interferes, don’t feel guilty about it.

I am happy to see friends from Omaha, or at least I think of them as “from Omaha”, since I met LouAnn and Judy at the Crazy Quilt Society retreat hosted by Nancy Kirk in Omaha two and three years ago. Are there any other “Omaha-ites” stitching along? If you get a chance to go to the retreat, GO! It’s a blast, from the first night’s “get to know each other” get-together, all the way through the prom dress swap, Great Fex, the scholarship auction, and small quilt auction. Nancy puts it on at a very nice hotel with pool and spa, atrium, large rooms with a sitting room and bedroom, and wonderful meals that SOMEONE ELSE COOKS! And no dishes! 🙂


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