kanzashi-first flower kanzashi-first flower
I saw a post on kanzashi at One Hour Craft awhile back, and while it interested me, I didn’t have time to act on it. Today I took a little time out at work, and investigated kanzashi. I brought a little square of fabric with me, so I could figure out how to make one petal. After looking through several tutorials, I finally got it! Tsumami is the art of making kanzashi, by pinching a square of fabric together. Kanzashi is the hair ornament.

Here’s a list of the tutorials I looked through:

Video #1 .wmv file; recommended by a couple different people, but I couldn’t view it on my Mac. Edo hair ornaments, from a Tokyo tourism website.

Video #2 .flv file; viewable on a Mac; now I understand how to make kanzashi! by Jen’s Mum, aka SpanglySpangle.

Tutorial #1 good directions; I found this one easiest to follow. By Nocte, at Everything2.

Tutorial #2 the first one I found; Flickr photos, by SpanglySpangle.

Tutorial #3 an illustration; .gif file, from Bara Design.

Tutorial #4 very easy to follow; from Beastbunny, at Craftster.org.

A few suggestions: I did use silk fabric, and not all the tutorials mention that the fabric needs to be stiff, which silk is definitely not. I used a medium weight iron on interfacing that was probably too thick. Rice paste is what is traditionally used to stiffen the fabric, which I didn’t have and didn’t want to make. Next time I’ll try a lightweight interfacing and some sort of starch and see which one I like better. Cotton fabric may be stiff enough by itself, so I’ll try that too.

I did sew the petals together, first by going through each petal as several of the tutorials suggested, and I also tacked the top of the petals together. Then I sewed a circle of felt to the top to cover the hole. I just didn’t like the idea of hot gluing a button onto the silk. Embroidery, beads and a button embellished the felt. I sewed another felt circle to the back, with a pin back sewed onto the felt. Now it’s a gift for a friend!

I hope you’ll try making one; they’re pretty easy, and so fun!

P.S. I entered it in the One Hour Craft brooch/boutonniere challenge; check out the Flickr site!


2 responses to “Kanzashi/Tsumami

  1. Hi there, thanks for linking to my kanzashi tutorials!
    Sorry to be confusing, little case of cyber-schizophrenia going on – I’m “JensMum” and I do blog, my blog is Spanglystuff.blogspot.com 🙂
    Love your multicoloured flower!

  2. i also make a simple felt carft, pls visit:
    but it is in indonesian language…:)

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