Make a scarf without knitting/crocheting

scarf sample I have long refused to learn to knit or crochet, because my UFO/USO* pile is already far too large and I don’t need more excuses to buy those lovely specialty yarns. While doing some Christmas shopping last weekend, I saw a number of lovely scarves priced well out of my reach. Great gifts, too expensive! The most recent issue of Stitch Magazine came to my rescue, with a method of making a scarf using yarn and water soluble stabilizer.

It’s really easy; you layer stabilizer, yarn, and another layer of stabilizer, then sew like crazy over the sandwich. The magazine recommended Aquatics Bond stabilizer, which is sticky on one side. I couldn’t find that, so I used OESD, which worked fine, even though it’s not sticky. Starting with the bottom layer of stabilizer, I taped it to my door. Then I taped the yarn, one strand at a time, to the stabilizer, and smoothed it down, working my way to the bottom. The yarn clung to the stabilizer, so all I really had to do was make sure the yarn was hanging straight. Once I had all my yarn cut and hanging, I covered it with another layer of stabilizer, then pinned the edges, placing pins about 4 inches apart. I sewed across the yarn in a zigzag pattern, using a combination of straight and zigzag stitches. Tomorrow I’ll take both pieces into work and rinse the stabilizer off under running water; it takes too much water* to do at home.

You can see the sample I made first, to try out the technique. The scarf is about 8 inches wide and 5 1/2 feet long; the sample is about 8 inches square. I think it’d be really fun to try a hat or a vest using this technique. Well, next week maybe!

*UFO – UnFinished object; USO – UnStarted Object

*Like many Fairbanksans, I don’t have running water; I haul it in 5 gallon jugs.


4 responses to “Make a scarf without knitting/crocheting

  1. Linda of Idaho

    Have you tried using the same thread and going across and zigzag before the second layer of stabilizer? I saw the Idea on Sewing with Nancy. Thats what I am doing for this christmas.

    No, I haven’t; I kinda think the sewing machine foot might get tangled in the yarn? Let me know how it works out for you. Maybe I’ll try it…

  2. Rainbow Anderlee

    Great idea, but do you know how to do it without the stabilizer?
    I’m only 11 and I can’t buy that. I need simple. Real simple.
    I want to make a scarf for my mom’s birthday. Maybe you can
    tie the yarn instead of using the stabilizer?

  3. Lenda McCormick

    TY for posting this. I am anxious to try it. Sounds beautiful and learned something new… to me.

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