Learning embroidery stitches

Isn’t it amazing… every time I think of something I’d like to add to my blog, I find someone else has already done it! I have been wanting to make videos of basic stitches, and just found Mary’s Needle ‘n Thread with a video stitch library. Really clear instructions, using video/audio; a really great resource for beginning stitchers.

Be sure to check out the rest of Mary’s blog, as there is an incredible amount of information regarding stitches, tools, patterns, books, and a nice list of links for shopping and more information.


2 responses to “Learning embroidery stitches

  1. I am looking for embroidery stitches to use to join felted/boiled wool pieces for mittens, etc. I want to do decorative exterior seams, and flat joined seams. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  2. I usually use a blanket stitch. You could use thread that contrasts with the wool, and then embellish the blanket stitch with single chain stitch flowers, or wrap the blanket stitch with another thread.
    anyone else have a suggestion?

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