Take a Stitch Tuesday – Herringbone stitch

tree using herringbone stitch Tree using herringbone stitch

My entry for Take a Stitch Tuesday. I’ve made several of these little trees from Stephanie’s pattern (Little Birds Handmade), and the first three were embroidered with feather stitch. This tree is covered in herringbone stitch. Because the fabric I used is very soft with little body, all of the herringbone “x’s” are tacked down with a cross stitch, or a single straight stitch and a single chain stitch. My experimenting wasn’t so much with the stitch itself, as with the threads I used. Unfortunately, the thread textures are hard to see in the photos; the tree wasn’t the best shape to use for this! I did do some variation in the size of the stitch in some rows, and varied the size of the stitch from row to row.

Threads used:

  • Glisser Gloss Rainbow blending thread for the cross stitch over the X
  • Anchor linen
  • Caron Snow White
  • Needle Necessities, Cotton, #165
  • DMC, 100% wool, ecru
  • Needle Necessities, Kreinik Fine #8, #20A, polyester metallic
  • House of Embroidery, Perle Cotton #5, #17b Fairies
  • Caron Water Lilies, #031 Rose Quartz

I had hoped to make a “stitch book” with my TAST entries, but time is just too limited for that. So, I’ll incorporate TAST into whatever I’m working on. And for those of you keeping track, I will probably always be late!

One suggestion I’d like to make, for anyone who cares to take me up on this, is to label posts with the stitch worked. I looked through some of the blogs today, and had a hard time finding the Take a Stitch Tuesday blog entries. Okay, I was skipping through pretty fast, because I was at work, so maybe that’s why I didn’t see them! Anyway, it’s just a suggestion.


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