Craftacular! Find all things crafty

I just found this website the other day, and I think it’ll be a great addition to our web lives. In Shana’s own words, Craftacular is:

Craftacular is a wiki, running on the same software as Wikipedia. Our philosophy is a little different though. We aim to become the central resource on the web for all the patterns, tutorials, and experiences that we write to help our fellow crafters. Almost every page on Craftacular is editable by the public, so feel free to edit pages or create your own!

I added a definition of crazy quilting (see the Table of Contents). I hope you’ll add links and information too!

Update: the link to Craftacular! I must have had a blonde moment 🙂


2 responses to “Craftacular! Find all things crafty

  1. Hi. Where is craftacular placed? Can you state an URL?
    Nice blog too!!

  2. Thank you Mariyarn, for the reminder-and the complement!

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