Developing your color palette

update Sept. 2010 – it appears that Maria has moved her website, and these links are no longer active. If you have the URL, please leave a comment. Thanks!

If you’re a little intimidated by, or would like to get more familiar with using color in your projects, Maria Peagler has an excellent online color class “Developing Your Color Palette”. I’ve listed the lessons below. She’s going to leave them up indefinitely, which is a real bonus for me-and you too I hope!

More info on color: Top ten myths about quilters using the color wheel

Be sure to take a look around Maria’s site; she has some awesome quilts! She writes about color in her blog (a link is at the top of the page), so keep an eye on it for more information.

**Thanks to Sharon B (inaminuteago) for bringing this site to my attention!


3 responses to “Developing your color palette

  1. Small children are very much fond of such pictures. They see and they want to make it their own.
    This thing increase their creativity.
    Thanks for your time collecting this information.

  2. Couldn’t read any of the posts. Got this message on cllicjkking any link:

    Looking for something on MobileMe?
    We can’t find the page you requested. Please make sure the URL is spelled and capitalized correctly, and try again.

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