TAST – Single chain stitch

needlebook vest needlebook vest, back needlebook vest, front
This little needlebook, shaped like a vest, is heavily embellished with a variety of single chain stitches (as well as herringbone, cretan, feather, chevron, and french knot stitches). If you click on the lefthand picture, the enlargement has the single chain stitches highlighted.

The edge is one of my favorite bindings for small pieces. First go over the outline with a chain stitch. Work a very tight buttonhole stitch over the raw edge, clipping the excess fabric in a small section of the edge as you go. It works better to have just a small section of the edge clipped, as the raw edge frays as you work.

The inside of the vest is a wool/polyester felt, perfect for holding my favorite handsewing needles. The pattern is from a very old issue of CQ MagOnline, and is no longer online.

Update: the completed vest has been accepted into the Fairbanks Arts Association show (Patterns of Influence: Changing Times) for February! And naturally, I didn’t get a photo of the finished vest before dropping it off, but I stopped by the gallery today and was able to grab a shot.

3/28 – update

lampwork beads

About 2 weeks ago, I spent my Sunday at the Fairbanks Arts Association Arts Expo, touting the local needlework guild, North Star Needlework Guild. Lots of artists and arty things going on! Another artist wandered by my booth and took a fancy to the little vest, and she ended up trading me several lampworked glass beads for it. I was so thrilled! Not only did I get some major ego strokes, but I got some wonderful beads in exchange!


2 responses to “TAST – Single chain stitch

  1. This little vest is SO CUTE! What a wonderful array of stitches used. Shame the pattern is no longer available – your version is gorgeous 🙂

  2. Thank you Helen! I love it too! I think it would be pretty easy to make another pattern. I thought I might take a real vest pattern, scan it into the computer, and reduce it to a size appropriate for a needlebook. And I want to make a little cap (for a pincushion) and a small bag (to hold scissors) to go with the vest. When I get my act together and do that, I’ll try to make another vest pattern too.

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