6 x 4 Lives – Cabin postcard

Cabin with steps

My late-and-not-finished-as-usual entry for 6×4 Lives. This is my cabin, with a set of steps in front of the deck. I am hoping to add these steps next summer, and wanted to see what it would look like. This postcard is part of a series, depicting places I love, that are near, or at, home, and will eventually be a fabric scrapbook. The cover is almost done, the postcards are printed, and now I just have to put it together.


3 responses to “6 x 4 Lives – Cabin postcard

  1. I used to live Ashville,NC. Your cabin looks just about right to fit in without a problem. One day I would love to return. I sympathize I am a prize-wining packrat myself. I wish you all good things and your cabin looks great!

  2. con’t: I now live in very a rocky area with red clay and try to amend it every spring. I have found in my wanderings that mountain people either make great neighbors or the worse you’ll ever know. They can be rather clickish(sic) if you know what I mean. I wrote another reply and it says it is “awaiting moderation” I hope this does it, I really have no idea of what I am do-ing. Thanks, Lilith

  3. Hi Lilith,
    thanks for your comments about my little cabin
    šŸ™‚ “Your comment is waiting for moderation” just
    means that I screen comments before they’re
    posted on my blog, as that helps keep spammers
    under control.
    I love my cabin but it is TINY! I don’t have room
    for the kitchen stove right now, so cook on two
    hotplates and a toaster oven.
    Nor do I have
    running water, so I have a honeybucket, outhouse, shower at work, and haul 3 five gallon water jugs weekly. Lots of people do this in Alaska, so it’s no big deal. I would probably like living in the area you describe, except for all the bugs and snakes šŸ™‚ We mostly just have mosquitoes up here, and sometimes an abundance of wasps; oh, and ants can be a problem too, but that’s about it.

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