Take a Stitch Tuesday – blogs to watch

Take a Stitch Tuesday

Well, even though I haven’t been keeping up with the stitching, I have been checking everyone’s blogs and their progress. I added Art~n~Quilt, Dakini Dreams, and il Bloggo to my list of “blogs to watch”.

Sapphire, at Dakini Dreams, showed us her mask, a WIP; very awesome! I’ve been wanting to make one, ever since I saw some fabric Mexican masks. She also did some beautiful butterflies.

Carol, at Art~n~Quilt, is working on an adorable evenweave sampler in the form of a book. I really liked her chevron stitch entry, a darling flower.

Hanna, at il Bloggo, is a Swedish crafting marvel. Ideas, websites, blogs, it all just flows on her blog. She has a marvelous list of links; I spent a good two hours floating around the web from her list.

Helen, at Quiltsatcs, is a prolific ATC (artist trading cards) & postcard artist, and is involved in a number of very interesting Yahoo groups. She’s done some very creative things with TAST stitches too!

I’m amazed and excited about all the stitching going on, inspired by TAST; lots of good ideas and inspiration. I’m also surprised at the number of people that haven’t tried this or that stitch; I conside all the stitches we’ve worked on so far, to be very basic embroidery stitches, particularly for crazy quilting. I couldn’t work without any of these stitches! I’m also a little bummed that I haven’t gotten any where close to being creative with them yet, but I finally decided it was because I’m lazy/too busy (mostly too busy) and they’re too familiar to me, so it’s hard to break out of my rut. Tomorrow I’ll be going to a Super Bowl stitch ‘n bitch, so I’ll have plenty of time to mess around with cretan and chevron stitches, and maybe even some of the older stitches.


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