Monthly Archives: March 2007

Summer hats

the girly-girl hat polka dot baseball cap

Two new hats that were supposed to be finished right after Christmas-oh well, better late than never! I used the Dresden plate quilt pattern as inspiration for the designs. Originally I’d intended to make one hat, but decided that it would be too warm with all the applique layers. Still no bells dangling from the trim; maybe the next hat.


Flying paint!

Take a look at this ad for the Sony BRAVIA – flying paint! – It was fascinating! Paint flying everywhere, but in a rainbow, controlled sequence. And be sure to take a look at “Behind the Scenes”. I was positive this was Photoshopped, but nope, the commercial was done in real life, with real paint. If you have a slow connection, let the movie run once, and then re-watch it. It’s worth the wait!

New hat and mittens

Blue silk & no-knit scarf hat

The cold weather (see the latest postcard) inspired me to make a new hat and mitten set. Okay, I wasn’t inspired, I needed a warmer pair of mittens! And I couldn’t make new mittens without making a new hat to match. I had a no-knit scarf that was too scratchy to wear and planned on making a hat with it instead, so there I was, needing mittens and wanting a new hat. What else could I do but get out the polar fleece and start cutting!

The polar fleece came from a cat bed project (which the cats DO use, much to my surprise); the blue (silk, I think) is a remnant from Britex (a friend was in San Francisco and had a great time going through the remnant bin for me); the mitten cuffs are tiedyed socks that had holes in the heel; and the flowered print was fabric I purchased eons ago. I had to buy more yarn to make the tassel, but that’s the only thing I purchased for this project. And the flower is to keep the hat from looking like a helmet with flaps! I used the same Cooperative Extension patterns as I did for my previous hat and mitten set.

mittens to go with the new hat

The mittens are actually two pairs. I made them seperately because my hands usually start out cold, and warm up as I walk with Gizmo. Now I can take the inside lining pair out, put them in my pocket, and wear just the outer layer.

A toasty warm set of winter gear! I tried them out this morning, and I love the new mittens. The hat is warmer than I expected, so if it gets down to 35 below (yes, below zero) again, I’m prepared!

Sewing machine covers

There was a post in late February, on Whipup, about sewing machine covers. I meant to post these photos sooner, but I never get things done as quickly as I think I will! Several years ago I had both my sewing machines professionally cleaned and serviced. It was a bit more than I like spending on such things, and since I live on a very dusty dirt road, I decided to make covers for them and make that cleaning last a little longer.

New home Cover #2 New Home cover #1

My New Home machine is covered in hand sewn crazy quilting. The only machine sewing I did was to put the cover together. There are two hearts (hard to see in the thumbnail, so be sure to select each image to see the larger version), one on each side, that were intended for a needlebook, but they didn’t fit onto the tagboard supports quite the way I wanted them to, so I re-purposed them.

Singer Sewing Machine cover #2 Singer Sewing Machine cover #1

The covers for the Singer sewing machine that I inherited from my mother are embellished with the machine embroidery stitches on the Singer. I don’t have all the embroidery cams, but will get them someday. I used some of my see-through fabrics and played around with embellishing them over cotton fabrics. In the right hand photo are a ceramic sewing machine and pair of scissors, intended as buttons, but I’d just lose them if I used ’em as buttons on clothing!

Is it cold yet? TAST and postcards

30 below zero Fahrenheit Waiting for Spring #1 Waiting for Spring #2

I took the photo a couple of weeks ago; the Interior-well, the whole state!-had been experiencing below-normal temperatures for the last several days, and I just had to show everyone how cold it was here. When it’s below zero, Gizmo wears dog booties; polar fleece socks with a velcro closure. Sled dogs wear them to protect their feet too, so he’s not wimping out.

The third photo on the right is surrounded with barred chain stitch, the TAST stitch for this week, I think. I alternated the direction of the bar on the right side, as the stitch is a bit loose (and that’s why the silver thread anchors the stitch).

The two photos on the right are postcards and will get sent off in the next day or two, after I decide who they’re going to. I was working on them while I volunteered at the local arts association gallery, and could have sold one. But I’m not very happy with the fabric I used, so before I put any postcards up for sale, I have to find a white cotton that is smooth and tightly woven. Getting asked if I had any for sale made me feel good though!

Coffee cup cozy

felted coffee cup cozy felted coffee cup cozy

I took a wet felting class last weekend; we made two small pieces of felt, about 6 x 8 inches each. This is the colored piece; I cut it in half, embellished it (and in the process rejoined the two pieces), and fitted it around a paper coffee cup. I fit it to the top of the cup, so I could set it into the cup holder in the car. Makes it a bit hard to hang onto when I have mittens on though!

Update: Well, the cozy is no more. I was walking the dog w/cozied cup in hand, finished the coffee and tossed it in the dumpster. As the cup was flying through the air, my jaw dropped when I saw the cozy still attached. And the dumpster was too high for me to jump in and rescue the cozy. Sigh…