Is it cold yet? TAST and postcards

30 below zero Fahrenheit Waiting for Spring #1 Waiting for Spring #2

I took the photo a couple of weeks ago; the Interior-well, the whole state!-had been experiencing below-normal temperatures for the last several days, and I just had to show everyone how cold it was here. When it’s below zero, Gizmo wears dog booties; polar fleece socks with a velcro closure. Sled dogs wear them to protect their feet too, so he’s not wimping out.

The third photo on the right is surrounded with barred chain stitch, the TAST stitch for this week, I think. I alternated the direction of the bar on the right side, as the stitch is a bit loose (and that’s why the silver thread anchors the stitch).

The two photos on the right are postcards and will get sent off in the next day or two, after I decide who they’re going to. I was working on them while I volunteered at the local arts association gallery, and could have sold one. But I’m not very happy with the fabric I used, so before I put any postcards up for sale, I have to find a white cotton that is smooth and tightly woven. Getting asked if I had any for sale made me feel good though!


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