New hat and mittens

Blue silk & no-knit scarf hat

The cold weather (see the latest postcard) inspired me to make a new hat and mitten set. Okay, I wasn’t inspired, I needed a warmer pair of mittens! And I couldn’t make new mittens without making a new hat to match. I had a no-knit scarf that was too scratchy to wear and planned on making a hat with it instead, so there I was, needing mittens and wanting a new hat. What else could I do but get out the polar fleece and start cutting!

The polar fleece came from a cat bed project (which the cats DO use, much to my surprise); the blue (silk, I think) is a remnant from Britex (a friend was in San Francisco and had a great time going through the remnant bin for me); the mitten cuffs are tiedyed socks that had holes in the heel; and the flowered print was fabric I purchased eons ago. I had to buy more yarn to make the tassel, but that’s the only thing I purchased for this project. And the flower is to keep the hat from looking like a helmet with flaps! I used the same Cooperative Extension patterns as I did for my previous hat and mitten set.

mittens to go with the new hat

The mittens are actually two pairs. I made them seperately because my hands usually start out cold, and warm up as I walk with Gizmo. Now I can take the inside lining pair out, put them in my pocket, and wear just the outer layer.

A toasty warm set of winter gear! I tried them out this morning, and I love the new mittens. The hat is warmer than I expected, so if it gets down to 35 below (yes, below zero) again, I’m prepared!


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