Sewing machine covers

There was a post in late February, on Whipup, about sewing machine covers. I meant to post these photos sooner, but I never get things done as quickly as I think I will! Several years ago I had both my sewing machines professionally cleaned and serviced. It was a bit more than I like spending on such things, and since I live on a very dusty dirt road, I decided to make covers for them and make that cleaning last a little longer.

New home Cover #2 New Home cover #1

My New Home machine is covered in hand sewn crazy quilting. The only machine sewing I did was to put the cover together. There are two hearts (hard to see in the thumbnail, so be sure to select each image to see the larger version), one on each side, that were intended for a needlebook, but they didn’t fit onto the tagboard supports quite the way I wanted them to, so I re-purposed them.

Singer Sewing Machine cover #2 Singer Sewing Machine cover #1

The covers for the Singer sewing machine that I inherited from my mother are embellished with the machine embroidery stitches on the Singer. I don’t have all the embroidery cams, but will get them someday. I used some of my see-through fabrics and played around with embellishing them over cotton fabrics. In the right hand photo are a ceramic sewing machine and pair of scissors, intended as buttons, but I’d just lose them if I used ’em as buttons on clothing!


One response to “Sewing machine covers

  1. New to blogging and was browsing around. Great job reproducing those covers. I love the hand sewn look but don’t have as much patience for it. Those fabrics are great for crazy quilting.

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