Summer hats

the girly-girl hat polka dot baseball cap

Two new hats that were supposed to be finished right after Christmas-oh well, better late than never! I used the Dresden plate quilt pattern as inspiration for the designs. Originally I’d intended to make one hat, but decided that it would be too warm with all the applique layers. Still no bells dangling from the trim; maybe the next hat.


2 responses to “Summer hats

  1. Hi Edie…how is my Omaha roomie doing? Just love those caps! Will you be traveling to Omaha this year? Interested in doing a RR?

  2. Hi Judy!
    doing great! I hope you are too! I love wearing my goofy hats; I either get really wierd stares (& sometimes I do something wierd back ) or people love them.
    I’m not going to get to go to Omaha; I’m saving up so I can take one of Sharon Boggan’s classes next year (either San Fran, CA, or Portland, OR). I just can’t do everything, darn it all!
    What kind of RR? I’m pretty booked up w/projects, but I might be able to sneak one more in.

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