TAST – Couching on a Chatelaine


A little hard to believe at this point, but this IS a chatelaine! Only half of it, to be more accurate. I used a tie as a guide and drew it onto a piece of muslin, then started throwing fabrics down. It’s supposed to be for a friend-she is trading me a gorgeous flower quilt! But I remembered, a little too late, that she asked for some salmon pink, so I’m starting over. This one will be mine. I haven’t picked out the fabrics for the other side yet; am debating on whether to use the same ones, or choose similar colors but different fabrics.

chatelaine closeup

Take a Stitch Tuesday week 12, couching is the challenge stitch. I braided a flat multi-colored yarn, then stitched it down with single chain in the shape of a flower. There are french knots in between the flowers, which I happen to enjoy making, now that I have the technique down. The most important thing for a neat french knot is to hold your finger or thumb over the knot as you slide the thread to the back of the work. I also used two strands of a pale green silk thread for the feather stitch that weaves in and out of the flowers; you’ll have to click on the image to enlarge it to see. I’ll add beads when I’ve finished all the embroidery.


3 responses to “TAST – Couching on a Chatelaine

  1. I LOVE the colors!!!!!

  2. Hope your friend gets this one!!!!! Hint, hint!

  3. well, I guess someone will be getting this chatelaine after all! 🙂 I’m glad you like the colors Penny!

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