Spring in Alaska

spring spring spring

It’s spring! It’s spring! My roof slid yesterday! At least the sunny side did-as you can see from the pictures, the shady side is going to slide any minute. This happens almost every spring, and I usually am in too much of a hurry to get to work or whatever to take pictures. Believe me, I do NOT walk under this! Even though the path to the garage is under the roof overhang.


One response to “Spring in Alaska

  1. I didn’t know what you meant by the roof ‘sliding’. The ICE from the roof is sliding. In
    Colorado, a straight wind rolled up the roof of
    an old chicken house (no chickens; we used it to
    store stuff in as it was a solid, red block construction; the roof was tin; laid on wood. It
    was not long after we had lost our father and oldest brother (65 days apart) so was just not
    prepared, ‘nail wise’ to save the roof excpt with
    these nails about 6″ long. I took a big hammer out there, the wind was still blowing about 40mph, which seemed almost nothing but a breeze after the high gusts of up to 120mph before. I crawled upon the roof; with my huge
    bucket of nails; in my cover alls; gloves and by
    golly, hammered those rascals into that roof; which was about 3″ of nail THROUGH the roof that my brother, later, snipped these off. But the roof STAYED on, this time. It looked like a
    giant cinnamon roll, at a distance. No problem
    since; we have since moved to Tennessee; but own the land, still, but sold the farm with the
    buildings, to our brother. There’s no place as
    beautiful as Coloado! Loved it, even on the high plains and even with the drastic weather that we had. Am sure you feel the same way about Alaska.

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