Doggy bag

Gizmo’s doggy bag

Gizmo has his very own doggy bag, for going to the park or traveling. He wasn’t impressed enough with it to leave his stick behind though! The pattern is from Amy Barickman’s Bag Boutique (That Patchwork Place). I made the small Rachel bag; super easy! Inside I added two pockets, to hold his leash on one side, and treats on the other. On the outside is one pocket made from plastic screening, backed with the plastic packaging from a purchased dog treat. I was amazed that the plastic bag was sturdy enough to stand up to stitching, but I think it’ll work well to keep the wet muddy balls and frisbees from soaking the bag.

Gizmo’s doggy bag Gizmo’s doggy bag Gizmo’s doggy bag

More views of the doggy bag; far left is the inside (select image to enlarge so you can see the inside pocket); middle is the outside; and on the right is the outside pocket and everything that goes in the bag. Now I can haul his leash, water bottle and dish, treats, and toys without having to root around in the car. The two inside pockets are held closed with magnets; the super strong ones.


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