Mom’s postcard

Mom, 5 years old

Well, you can sure tell it’s spring here in Alaska, by the amount of activity on my blog! I have been sewing, but not taking pictures or blogging. This postcard is an image of my mother when she was about 5; a friend thought it was me! I really like the way she she looks at the camera, a little impish or about to laugh.

I hope that soon I’ll have some fresh flowers to use on postcards. I’ve started getting my flowerboxes ready to plant. I’ve only had them two years! They’re not exactly where I want them, but it’ll do for now. Two more loads of dirt, then I can start adding peat moss. Planting will commence Memorial Day weekend!


2 responses to “Mom’s postcard

  1. This is a beautiful photo of your Mother as a child…

  2. thank you! I love this one. This fall I’ll be teaching a silk ribbon embroidery class, and plan to use the picture in the class demo.

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