Places to visit, things to do

Well, on a happier note, here are some places to visit and things to do:

Bookcrossings: “Our goal, simply, is to make the whole world a library. BookCrossing is a free online book club of infinite proportion, the first and only of its kind. Inside, you’ll find millions of book reviews and hundreds of thousands of passionate readers just like you.” Read a book, register it with Bookcrossings, put the unique BCID number on the book and let it go-leave it on the train, at your favorite coffee shop…

Interactive Earth: “We are devoted to creating web sites, educational curriculum, graphic design and fine art which reflect the great creativity evident in both human endeavor and the natural world.” I enjoyed playing with their Design Tools. “The Tools section features GENESIS ONE.2, a design pattern generator, as well as free Flash graphing, color harmonizing, data mapping and slide show tools. Teachers, use this tool to help explain geometric sense to students.”

Felt ornaments: Sunshine demonstrates an easy way to make a variety of simple felt ornaments.

Zakka pouch: Black Dog Designs shows you how to knit a base, combine it with a sewn top, and make a Zakka pouch. She also shows how to use a wicker basket and make a fabric top for the Zakka pouch.

Screen printing: Craftgrrl shows us how to make an inexpensive silk screen for t-shirts. But I bet you could use it on any kind of fabric…

More cones! See the cone doll at Ever Embellished, another tree at Allsorts, and a little different style of cone tree at Rowena (with pattern).

Visual treat: Rainbow Barbara is an awesome mixed media stitcher! Plan to visit often for inspiration.

Stumpwork: There are a number of books out on stumpwork, but Jane Nicholas’ books are the ones I saw first. I don’t have all of them yet, but I will someday!

Dye synthetics: Sharon B of inaminuteago just posted this tutorial on dyeing synthetic fabrics. “Did you know you can can dye, print and paint synthetic fabrics with transfer dyes? Well, you can and this morning I thought I would put together this tutorial on how to use a stencil technique to print on synthetic fabrics.”

Violette: She of the famous vehicle, very fun arty thingies, and an occasional fairy. Be inspired, be challenged, be entertained by Violette!

I think this is enough for now… I’ll add them to my sidebar too.


2 responses to “Places to visit, things to do

  1. Thank for publishing these fabric printing links. Good resources.

  2. Thanks for the BookCrossing mention! We hope everyone that reads your blog and signs up loves the site.
    Best Regards,

    CEO BookCrossing

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