Miniature quilts

Flower Basket

It’s a Whiplash challenge! Miniature quilts for the month of May!

A miniature quilt, otherwise known as ‘doll quilt‘, ‘fat quarter quilt’ or more simply ‘quarter quilt‘, can be made out of just about anything – try using scraps, or just a couple of fat quarters. There is no rule about the size of these, but usually small or miniature means not as big as a cot quilt, usually they are hung on walls, framed or used for a doll house. They can be practical – perhaps used as table mats or sewn into cushion covers. You could make them extra mini and turn into a greeting cards. Any sort of quilting method is suitable too, traditional patterns, random piecing, crazy quilting or journal quilting how about hand quilting a especially beautiful fabric. For more information check out a local miniature quilt guild near you.

Looks like anything goes, as long as it’s a small quilt and not big enough to sleep under. Well, maybe a fairy could sleep under it! And to think that I just brought in two boxes of scraps from the Fabric Shed… better get started!

AHA moment – maybe you’d like to see some of my small quilts: Sporadic Packrat gallery.


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