Summer evening

summer evening

This is how I’ve been spending the last few nights – lounging around in front of a campfire out in the backyard. We’re having a really dry summer so far; we could sure use a little rain (actually, a LOT of rain), but I’m going to enjoy the good weather and hope it sprinkles at night.

Gizmo’s catching his breath, after spending a good share of the evening chasing a tennis ball. I usually bring a book or a sewing project out with me, and trade off between sewing and slapping mosquitoes. Not too much skeeter slappin’ this year, at least not yet. The wasps aren’t bad yet either, though I’m sharing the outhouse with a couple of persistent fellers. I hope they don’t take up housekeeping in there!

And oh yes, it was about 10 p.m. when I took the picture. Love those AK summers!


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