TAST – Basque, bonnet, and up & down buttonhole stitches

I’m still working on the chatelaine. The embroidery is finished, so now I have to work on beading everything and then add little doodad embellishments.

TAST - Basque, bonnet, and up & down buttonhole stitches

I tried out the Basque stitch (to left of bear), using two colors of thread and laying one row on top of the other. Next I worked the Bonnet stitch (also to left, and left of yellow & green Basque stitches), using just one color. I also tried out the up and down buttonhole (above bear), using a blue thread and on top, using a maroon thread. I crossed the top stitch, instead of putting the two stitches next to each other, just for fun.

I am really enjoying TAST, even though I am not a very active participant. Sharon has shown me a number of new stitches to use, and is breaking me out of my “eleven stitch rut”. I am pretty much stuck in the rut of using couching, blanket, herringbone, chevron, single chain, chain, back, fly, french knot, straight, running, and stem stitches on my crazy quilting seams. My new favorite-thanks to Sharon-is the barred chain/alternating barred chain stitch. And I have discovered that my stitch bible, Jacqueline Enthoven’s The Stitches of Creative Embroidery, is not the be-all, end-all embroidery book. There are many more stitches out there! But I still love that book!

silk ribbon silk ribbon

And hallelujah! I have finally broken the silk ribbon barrier! For a long time I didn’t like using silk ribbon, even though it is so beautiful, because I found it so difficult to work with. In April I saw someone using silk ribbon, and it was so pretty… so I tried one more time, and lo! I was happy with my stitching! So I’ll be working on a silk ribbon embellished photo for a class project to be taught this fall.


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