Eatin’ beans!

Flowers and vegies

I finally planted this weekend! My boxes have been ready for some time, but it was still too cool to plant. A friend gave me nine planter boxes, each four feet square. I traded five of them with another friend for a couple loads of planting soil. Over the course of the last three weeks, I put the boxes on cement blocks, filled them partially with soil from my yard and topped them off with the planting soil.

Naturally the soil dried out quite a bit, so Saturday I finally started using the 50 gallon water tank I purchased last year. I was a little nervous about hauling 400 pounds of water in the Subaru, but ‘Ru handled the weight like a champ, and I hauled two loads of water. I still have some work to do to make hauling that much water easy, but I did get the soil wetted up enough to plant and fill up my house water jugs as well.

Sunday afternoon I finished wetting up the soil and then bought two kinds of lettuce, basil, oregano, thyme and marjoram, and two six packs of pansies. That filled one of the boxes, with one six pack of pansies left over. It sprinkled a bit while I was messing with my water, so I figured it wouldn’t be long before we finally got some rain. But, because it was windy and not yet raining, I covered the unplanted boxes with some plastic to keep the soil moist and called it a day.

I woke on Monday to the sound of dripping eaves, and was very happy to see that a very light rain had started. I yanked the plastic off the boxes, glad to note that not much water had collected on the coverings, and let the rain finish up what I started the day before. By the end of the day, the boxes – and the rest of the yard – was thoroughly soaked. A welcome relief from the serious fire danger of the last few weeks!

I had some bean seeds soaking, so planted all of them – over half a box of bush beans! – and some dill seeds. Today I’ll get some lettuce, carrot, radish, and pea seeds and plant all that ASAP. And if that doesn’t fill the last two boxes, I have some flower seeds that can get spread out too. Considering that I have 1.5 acres, it seems a little silly to plant a garden in boxes, but it sure is a lot easier to work up the soil and my back is much happier too. I can’t wait to start harvesting some fresh veggies!

Butterfly garden flowers

My sister sent me some seeds for a butterfly garden, so those went into three planters last week. They’re already coming up! So the pots by the driveway (two tires turned inside out) will soon be colorful beacons waving in the breeze.


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