Ursa Azul

Ursa Azul

Isn’t Ursa adorable? She is from a kit that my Secret Pal gave me a couple of months ago. I put her together while I was waiting for my dish water to heat up. A few changes from the kit – I sewed her together with yarn and a blanket stitch, rather than by machine, and she just had to hold some flowers. The bee landed on her right ear (her ear’s bent back, so it’s hard to see the bee) to sniff the flowers. And the ribbon supplied with the kit was all wrong, so I dug through the ribbon box to find narrow ribbons in a better color.

Ursa is made from a kit by The Kunin Group, makers of plush felt. She’s a fuzzy little girl, and very cuddly! I didn’t have any stuffing in the house, so I cut up some old (clean!) socks and filled her with those. I think she might get to go to the fair this summer…


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