Refashioned shirt

plaid shirt revitalized!

At last! I’ve finally gotten started on some of my refashioning projects! This was so simple – new buttons and some embroidery thread. It sure did perk up this well-loved plaid shirt though. Select each image for a close-up view.

plaid shirt placket the inside of the button plackets

I started by ironing the inside plackets on the shirt, handsewing them down to lay flat so I don’t have to iron it any more. I whipstitched the front closed too, up to the second button from the top. I’m so lazy! I don’t like buttoning up a shirt, and I usually leave it buttoned and pull it on over my head. Then the old buttons came off, and the new ones went on. Depending on the length of the button shank, I either sewed the buttonhole closed or sewed the button through the button hole.

embroidery down the front ladybug button strawberry button

Next I embroidered the vine and flowers down the front of the shirt, with a simple feather stitch and single chain stitch. I chose a simple design with bright colors because I knew getting to the middle of the front might be difficult. It ended up being easier than I thought, so I may add some beads to the vine.

plaid shirt collar shirt collar

The shirt still wasn’t lively enough, so I added embroidery on the collar edge, as well as some very tiny buttons. I think another set of stitches to secure the bottom herringbone stitches is in the works; maybe even a bead or two.

plaid shirt pocket plaid shirt pocket

Lastly, I embellished the pocket with the same design and buttons as the collar. A new easier-care shirt that’s soft and comfy!

Although I did all the work by hand, you can certainly get the same effect faster with the sewing machine. I happen to enjoy the rhythmic Zen-ness of handwork and like the chance to work slowly and quietly. I worked on this shirt outside sitting next to a campfire, and yes, chased a few mosquitos off at the same time!


3 responses to “Refashioned shirt

  1. Nice embroidery and I like your use of the tiny flower buttons- creates a visual garden!

  2. Hey,
    Just in time to enter in the recycle, reuse, at the fair!

  3. That’s the plan, although I’d hoped to have two done for the fair, in totally different styles. It still might happen tho!

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