Postcard crazy!

Happy Birthday postcard trio of postcards second trio of postcards

I went nuts with the flower postcards, ‘cuz they’re so easy to make! I used wildflowers from my yard for these postcards. Happy Birthday is embroidered by hand, and the edge is machine embroidery. I tried out some plain and figured organza; I think for the right person/occasion, the figured organza is perfect. Plain organza is better for showing off the flower. Be sure to select each photo above to enlarge.

I’m working on a tutorial, but the short version is: enclose the flower in a sandwich of heavy duty fabric stabilizer (the bottom layer), fusible web, the flower, fusible web on top of the flower, and the last (and top) layer is organza. Iron enough to fuse the web to the flower and the fabric (but don’t over-iron, or you’ll cook the flower), put a layer of plain white cotton on the back of the heavy duty fabric stabilizer, then sew around the edge to seal permanently. It’s so easy! I have a couple more projects to try, using fresh flowers and fusible web, as soon as I get time.

I found the original instructions at Stitch Magazine, and the author (Pamela Watts) bonds the flower to cotton and then to a card, which I haven’t tried yet. But there’s always birthday cards to make, so I’ll be trying that soon. Anyway, I hope you try this-it is so fun, so easy!


3 responses to “Postcard crazy!

  1. What lovely cards

  2. Thank you for commenting on my blog. and yes! I would love to swap postcard with you!

  3. Nina, that’s awesome! I sent you an email too.

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