Texere Variety Bag Challenge

needlewoven hat needlewoven hat needlewoven hat

I finally got the current issue of Stitch Magazine and found out that I wasn’t a winner in the Challenge. Boo hoo! But I am much more distressed by the fact that I haven’t gotten my hat back, nor has Stitch Magazine contacted me about the hat. It was an awesome learning experience, and I’d really like the hat back so I can make the next one.

Update: I received word yesterday (7/7/07) that my hat will be on it’s way to Alaska next week!

It was definitely an experiment. I haven’t done any needleweaving since the early ’80’s, and I’ve never used anything other than embroidery thread for needleweaving. Some of the yarn was horrible to work with! After five sections I finally gave in and couched the last pieces of yarn onto fabric for one section and the brim.

Overall, I’m happy with the hat, even though technically I could have done a much better job. Next time I’d like to incorporate more of the needlewoven bars, and make more of a pattern with them. And I’ve got to figure out how to make a needlewoven brim! I know I could needleweave over a stiff form… a clear plastic one would work… but I’m not sure I like that idea. And I didn’t think to account for the seam allowance on the pattern, and the hat is a little large for my taste, so next time I’ll make it smaller. Using one thread, or no more than two or three threads, will make a much more cohesive hat, rather than the hodgepod this one is.

I am just so disappointed that I didn’t get the hat back in time to enter it in the local fair. I just assumed that “no news is good news”, and I wanted to be surprised by seeing my hat in the magazine. Naive, I know that now! I should have emailed the editor as soon as I read that the winners had been chosen. Then I’d have this hat, and could have started the next hat, and entered this one in the fair. Oh well! Live and learn! Life is just one big classroom for me!


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