Updatin’ the links

Well, I finally added a bunch of new links, too many to link them all in a post, so I’ll just give a quick overview. For most TAST enthusiasts, they’ll pretty much be old hat anyway.

  • I added a new category, Listen, that lists the podcasts I listen to. Craft Sanity, CraftyPod, and Limenviolet are old favorites; Jennifer (Craft Sanity) is back to posting about once a week, after her six-or-so month sojourn of getting into the fitness routine. I started listening to MaterialMama a few weeks ago, and really enjoy her relaxed, fun show, with the occasional child care/discipline break. Crafting Voices is all about the American craft scene. To find more podcasts go to Podcast Alley, and of course I had to list my hometown PBS station, KUAC.
  • Two more new categories:
    • Embroidery – I moved some old links into there and added some new ones
    • Flat Angels – includes the inspiration for mine and Angel Thread’s angel
  • I’ve become intrigued by several TASTers, so added them to my TAST list.
  • In Check these out (my general category) I added
    • CFQG member Terra Shideler
    • Flobberdewotsky has some FUN clothing and great ideas, but you could go the easy route and just buy from them
    • Practically Creative has some handy “creative push” articles
    • Ten Zen Seconds and The Forgiveness Project are two “think about this” websites
    • if you have a dog, add him/her to the Stitchers with Dogs Flickr group
    • The Switchboards is all about crafty businessing
    • Trade-A-Craft is all about trading yours for mine for hers
    • Material Girls is an awesome fabric store right here in Fairbanks (a little bragging-I do their website)
    • Onion is a Danish website that sells sewing patterns, trims, embellishments, and accessories
    • And lastly, Pierre the Yarn Snob knits and fends off depression with Fight the Black Dog Fridays
  • New tutorials include button flowers, a dragonfly, keeping a visual journal, machine crazy quilting, padfolio, sock monkeys, and the three prong buttonhole stitch.
  • I found Sewing.org, the Home Sewing Association, via Sharon Boggan’s Denim Blues post on what to do with all those blue jeans you’re collecting (and you Are going to make something with them, someday! Right?). Be sure to check out the Birthday Stocking – what a fun idea! The website is divided into three sections, Sewing Enthusiast, Industry, and Sewing Educator; I’ve only scouted through the Enthusiast section, but what a plethora of ideas!
  • Oh! Oh! you’ve gotta check out Modern Craft! (under Books). Japanese craft books! And I have been told that they will be offering Cotton Time (a Japanese craft/sewing magazine-I love the 2 issues that I have!) in the near future!

And yes, I have been sewing! Just not posting much. I was up at the Toolik Research Station two weeks ago, and I’ve been barbecuing over the backyard campfire, hiking with Gizmo, and rearranging the cabin. I’m almost done with a chatelaine, a new hat, and I’ve been working like mad on flower postcards for the Georgeson Botanical Garden show and craft market. Yikes! LONG post! enough already!


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