Loose Ends

Garden tools

Loose Ends LLC is a… well, it is a store! That sells a little of this and a little of that, for home decorating, arts ‘n crafts, wrapping gifts, and, and… well, take a look and you tell me what it sells! “Items for creative living” is as good a description as I can think of!

sea shells

There are seashells of all kinds, boxes and bags and ribbons, papier mache boxes and containers. They have shopping bags with moose on them! Which I might have to break down and buy, and would then have a lifetime supply of gift bags.

Vintage Visions

The Vintage Visions Collection is a huge assortment of images from the past; illustrations and photographs. They’re on paper, but I don’t know why you couldn’t scan the image and print it onto fabric, then embellish it.

ribbons and wrappings and ties galore!

And I am just swooning over the variety of ribbons and wrappings – handmade Abaca ribbon (“Abaca fibre, from the banana tree family is a light, airy, open weave textile” It looks awesome fun to play with!) and wrapping, rainbow organza ribbon, silk crepe ribbon, blah, blah, blah… I can see scrunching the ribbons up and embellishing them with stitches, buttons and beads, and attaching them to a crazy quilt.

Anyway, I couldn’t keep this to myself… Loose Ends LLC is downsizing, so lots of stuff is on sale. I’ve been to the bricks ‘n mortar store in Oregon, several years ago, and was overwhelmed with all the neato keeno stuff. It was so fun to wander around and think about what I would do with this or that, and of course I came home with a bagful of stuff to play with.


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