Let there be peas!

Pea pod Beans Pea flower! they’re here… The garden

Peas, peas, peas! They started blooming a few days ago, and now the pods are erupting! Mmmm…. fresh peas! The string beans are blooming, but no beans yet. The boxes are wonderful; I wish I could have gotten them set up sooner. The height makes them easy to weed, and easy to harvest too. I weed and/or harvest in the mornings, while throwing Gizmo’s tennis ball. He is obsessed, as you can see below, with t-balls, as well as frisbees and sticks.

Gizmo is focused!

Gizmo’s focused on his tennis ball and the Chuckit, an essential part of any Labrador Retriever owner’s bin of dog toys. The vegetation in the yard was wet with dew and last night’s rain, so he’s soaking wet.


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