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More flowers!

Flowering houseplants

So who knew these would flower? I was amazed last week when this little guy, in the left hand corner, had a pink bud. And now there’s three flowers!

The lemon geranium also has a flower; I rescued this plant from the lab last year, repotted it and left it outside for the summer. Over the winter it drooped down searching for what light it could find; the lab is on the non-sunny side of the building, so no direct sunlight. Another summer outside didn’t straighten her up 😦
And my African violet flowered! I usually kill these guys, so I was thrilled that a) I didn’t kill it! and b) it actually flowered again! It was on sale at Freddy’s a few weeks ago, because all the blooms were gone, and me, glutton for punishment, couldn’t resist. So I’m totally thrilled that it’s happy enough to bloom. I guess a little benign neglect goes a long way 🙂


Copying someone else’s work – WHY??

Now I know how to respond to someone who says: “Oh, I don’t want to buy anything from you, I’m just going to steal your idea“, thanks to Weeks Ringle of Fun Quilts. This post at Whipup will come with me to craft fairs from now on!

Be sure to read through the comments; some very good observations, and a very nice response to one commentor that thinks it’s okay to copy someone else’s work “because she’s not selling it”.

Copiers need to read this post found via Hanna at IlBloggoWhy being yourself matters

And listen to Ellen Langer, “Reinventing Yourself Through Mindful Creativity“.

Thrift store finds

Parka patterns Folkwear pattern

I am an avid Value Village shopper, but I usually come home with a jumble of ribbons, buttons, things I don’t want because there was one thing in the package I did want, and other assorted small things for my crazy quilting. But over the last couple weeks, I came home with these patterns. Only 69 cents for the Folkwear pattern! How could I resist? And I’ve been wanting a parka for ages; now I have two of the parka patterns that Lois Tapp makes (or made; I believe she passed away recently; her daughter has taken over the business) and a kuspuk pattern as well. There’s also two mitten patterns; one uncut. See, I told you I’d get distracted!

Susanna Oroyan

I have made a few dolls, but nothing like Susanna Oroyan made. I bought her first book, which I still enjoy looking at. Thanks to Monica, of Girl Gone Thread Wild for alerting me to Susanna’s passing.

Go in Peace Susanna.

It’s my birthday

Birthday gifts

Another year old and more to enjoy… my friend Colette had a grand ol’ time gathering things for me. Wrapping paper (four rolls!) and a package from Artella for paper collaging (stamps, ATCs, old sewing pattern, a postcard, and the Artella zine), a calendar with scenes of Alaska, and one of “Bad Dogs” (from Rose), a sunprinting kit, antique beads, bells for a hat (little tiny ones that just tinkle), and a creativity button, an insect thumbtack holder that is Awesome!, and a windup butterfly.

Toys, toys, toys!

Oh and the Coleslaw Doll! From our fave shopping mart-the transfer station! Preserved forever; you can see an eye and two little hands mixed in with chopped up stuffing, fabric and lace. One of these days I’ll raid the jar to do something with those hands 🙂

Insect thumbtack holder

I think this is my favorite; I’ve been eyeing this little bug at one of my favorite stores in Fairbanks, If Only, but just couldn’t justify spending the money. For a desk accessory, she’s pretty pricey. But the windup butterfly is a pretty close second. Yes, 50-some years old, and I still like getting toys the best!

Summer green

Summer Green

Summer green
goes to gold
and red,
roots swell and store
the summer sun.

plants fecund
let their children fall,
voles pack up
saving for winter.

I watch,
as the sun fades,
that this is the year
that summer never ends.

As always – click to enlarge. Real leaves, gathered from my rainy backyard on Friday evening; covered with organza on both sides; machine sewn to white background. Original poem, printed on organza and layered on top of two pieces of green organza. Spruce trees drawn with oil pastels. It needs a backing to add some strength; the fireweed leaves at the bottom are warping, after just two days.

Response to the Greer article

Here is Jude’s response (of Spirit Cloth) to the Greer article that many of us read about on Sharon B’s blog. It gave me a chuckle; but in all seriousness, she’s right.

Another response from Effie Galletly, in a Letter to the Editor of the paper that published the original article.

I wonder what Edrica Huws would think of Greer’s comments?